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Last month we were lucky enough to meet filmmaker Mike paterson. Mike got in touch regarding some laser engraving he required for a film making project named 94 elements. The global project launched yesterday and tackles a very interesting human predicament – the story of human lives through the elements.

According to Mike:

“There are 94 naturally occurring elements, from Hydrogen to Plutonium. Everything we use and create is made from them. Our own bodies are mostly made from just 6 of the elements. They affect our lives in countless ways, and their stories reveal our relationship with our resources and the patterns of our economies.”

The aim of the project is to create a collection of 4-7 minute documented videos of human stories highlighting the way we extract or use one element. The films will be made by a mixture of award-winning filmmakers and new talent on the filmmaking scene.

94 elements is currently sourcing funding, where you can contribute through Indiegogo. The target they aim to reach is $62k (or more!) in 56 days!

Filmmakers are also invited to pitch their ideas. The deadline for this is in 4 weeks – Visit here and click on ‘Pitch you films’ for details on how to submit ideas.

Whilst the projects key focus is on the human relationships we have with our natural elements it also brings to light a more alarming issue regarding the rate in which we consume these resources. With a recent shift towards digital manufacturing increasing the speed in which we make product components and the surge in the manufacture of new technological devices, more and more elements are being consumed.

Mike suggests that a mobile phone contains more than 40 elements and will probably all end up in landfill. These ‘on demand’ products could arguably introduce environmental concerns for the future generations. The question of how we work towards recycling our natural elements is a big concern.

See more about the project

Laser engraved wood blocks for trailer: