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TEAM #5 from Melvin Galapon on Vimeo.

Regular client and uber talented graphic designer Melvin Galapon is currently exhibiting at the Kemistry Gallery over in east London. For the exhibition entitled T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More, Melvin has collaborated with some of the UK’s most exciting current illustrators and artists; Hellovon, Pomme Chan & James Dawe: “T.E.A.M explores the idea of working together to produce something more than what can be achieved alone.” On show is a rich mix of pieces produced using a variety of mediums; screen printed silk scarves and cushions, and a selection of screen prints and risoprints all exploring geometric shapes. Laser engraving was also applied in a lesser known application to produce 3 of the pieces on show.

We used a special chemical compound to permanently mark a series of stainless steel metal panels. The special compound was applied onto the steel surface prior to engraving. When processed the heat from the laser causes the engraved areas to turn black. Read about this process. Fantastically detailed result! The video above was also commissioned to document the production side of the exhibit. Well worth a visit!

Kemistry Gallery – 43 Charlotte street – London EC2A 3PD
16th August – 1st September

Laser engraved metal panels

Laser engraved metal panels