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When exploring finishes for the packaging for their new ‘Make your mark’ pen design, creative company Ajojo got in touch keen to explore the possibilities of laser etching for their anodised aluminium cases. Ajojo like to document and share their ‘journeys’ of the experiences that inspire them in their projects, so we were more than happy to welcome them into the workshop to get a better understanding of the engraving process first hand.

Techfortrade, launched in 2011 with a mission to alleviate poverty through the use of developing technologies. Early in their research, they considered the role that technology would play in helping small rural producers to access markets for their produce. The 3d4d Challenge was born from this concept and aims to find transformational uses for 3D printing technologies that deliver real social benefit in the developing world.

Object 3D print sample. 
Source: "Replicator":http://replicatorinc.com/

Object 3D print sample.
Source: Replicator

In January this year, the issue of internet piracy became more complex than ever. The Pirate Bay, perhaps the most well-known torrent website in the world, launched a new category called Physibles. These files for 3D printers allowed anyone with a kit-built resin printer, a laptop and internet access to manufacture their own objects…

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