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Preparing drawings to laser cut wood veneer for marquetry inlays requires more consideration than a standard laser job. You need to pay a little more attention to your dimensioning in particular the kerf made by the laser when cutting, (more on this later.)

One of our recent clients Richard Whitehead came to us with a project that demonstrates the technique perfectly and he was kind enough to share this guide which documents the process involved. See how the design unfolded from a hand drawing to a beautiful marquetry plaque.

Chameleon clock

Chameleon clock

Diginate offer a print on demand service which enables you to order completely bespoke stickers and posters. They’re quite unique in that their minimum order is only one unit! Quite rare for printers. Tim and Jon from Diginate recently got in touch excited about the possibility of combining our services.

Sean Ragan from MAKE Magazine has written this useful article detailing adapted methods of traditional flat panel joining techniques for the laser cutters and CNC routers. A great resource which we strongly advise reading if you’re looking to make models, project enclosures, sculptures, furniture, or any other cool stuff to be assembled from laser cut parts.

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