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Let us introduce you to our laser machines

In the laser cutting and laser engraving world, the quality of the machine really does make a difference to the work that it can produce. We have invested in the industry’s leading lasers from the US and Europe, because this more expensive machinery allows us to reliably do more and maintain the highest quality for every job. When selecting laser machinery or a laser service, you really do get what you pay for!

With 3 machines in our Studio, we can choose the most suitable laser for your work, or carry out larger projects across multiple machines. We operate a production calendar system and can reserve laser time in advance to ensure we meet your deadlines. We aim for a 2-3 day turnaround, but are often booked a week or more in advance, so the sooner we are discussing your project, the better.

Our largest laser bed is a custom build and a massive 2400mm x 1200mm, the biggest in London and perhaps the UK. It has the ability to cut acrylic up to 25mm in thickness, or foam in 40-50mm, and can laser full sheets of MDF and other proprietary boards. So if you have a big laser job in mind, use our file uploader to send us the details ASAP.

Trotec Speedy 500


    Bed size 1246mm x 710mm.

Our S500 (or Speedy!) is by far the fastest, most productive laser machine in the mid-format CO 2 plotter class. Leaps and bounds above anything else at this size. The quality of both laser engraving and laser cutting from this machine are really stunning! The 1246mm x 710mm max working area is one of largest bed sizes manufactured for high quality raser engraving.

It also has a pass through (an opening out the back) meaning longer materials can also be accommodated

We typically use the speedy for cutting thick materials up to 12mm as a maximum of 100watts of power makes this a breeze and large format engraving. The manufacturers Trotec are considered the top of their game and for good reason. This really is the rolls royce of lasers!

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FB2400 Large Format

  • new machine_3.jpg, Large_format_laser_cutting_london_cutlasercut

    Bed size 2400mm x 1200mm. Up to 25mm in thickness!

Our FB2400 machine, that we call Sean (don’t ask!) was a bespoke build and is our primary cutting machine. The humongous laser bed 2400mm x 1200mm was specified by us to able to cut standard sized boards – 8ft x 4ft. Sean is also fitted with a 100 watt power laser made by a company called Rofin – a German manufacturer who produce the finest laser tubes in the industry! (you wouldn’t expect less from the germans would you!) One of our service men drools over this piece of kit – it’s pretty special!

Not only is this machine an absolute monster, it is fitted with a long focus lens, which basically makes cutting through some materials as thick as 25mm an absolute breeze!

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Epilog Legend 36EXT


    Bed size 914mm x 610mm

Our Legend EXT ‘The Leg’ made by the veteran laser manufacturers Epilog runs for many many hours a week! We typically use it for materials up to 5mm thick. The cutting tolerance is magnificently fine on a range of materials ranging from papers, plywoods and acrylics. The details achievable throughout are stunning, a great complementary machine to the speedy that accommodates slightly larger than A1 size.The Legend really comes into its own with raster engraving. It’s pretty hard to beat.

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