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Paper etching

Translate logos, images, and fonts into crisp, three-dimensional engravings on the finest papers.

  • Paper_etching_paper_engraving_barnbrook_studio_cutlasercut_.jpg,

    Laser etched paper – Barnbrook studio for the Arsenale 2012 awards

  • Paper_etching_paper_engraving_barnbrook_studio_cutlasercut.jpg,

    Laser engraved paper – Barnbrook studio for the Arsenale 2012 awards


Delicate relief of exceptional precision.

For this technique, the laser is configured to only remove the top layer of paper or card in varying and exactly calculated depths without damaging the reverse side of the paper.

All papers and cards can be laser engraved, the surface can be gentle or heavily marked. We adapt the laser to suit.

Key benefits laser engraving paper

  • Large format engraving up to 1246mm x 710mm.
  • Industry leading machine – exceptional engraving quality.
  • Order high quality paper from GF Smith. direct to our studio

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