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Custom laser cut or engrave things you’d never imagine you could. Push the boundaries with us.

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    Laser cut cracker with Louis Vuitton logo


Laser cut or engrave something unusual

You’ll be surprised what you can laser cut and engrave! Since the laser process is essentially a very controlled method of burning a material it’s possible to cut and mark a number of not so obvious things!

We’ve experimented with a range of different materials in the past. Some successful, some not so successful. You don’t know until you try! But through experimenting, we now have a client who laser cuts and engraves food products on a regular basis. Other things we have have tried in the past include leaves, compacted mud, moss, coffee beans, toast and soap!

Things we need to know

  • As much as possible, the more info the better!
  • Find out roughly what it’s made of.
  • How thick is it?
  • Does it have a flat surface?
  • Can it lie flat?
  • Remember we can’t cut / engrave PVC!

If you have an interesting material you want to give a go, do get in touch!


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