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Growlees- engraved collar tags

  • v21Growlees-RachelOates-40.jpg,

    The Beautiful Frida

  • web_rect_growlees_yellow_emotional-support-dog.jpg,

    Emotional support dog

  • v4web_rect-growlees_red-tail-chaser.jpg,

    Tail chaser

  • web_rect_growlees_pink_cute-but-psycho.-but-cute..jpg,

    Cute but Psycho

  • The Beautiful Frida  The Beautiful Frida
  • Emotional support dog Emotional support dog
  • Tail chaser Tail chaser
  • Cute but Psycho Cute but Psycho


Growlees was conceived by London-based, Aussie-born design-hound, Growlmama to help her dog muse Frida and her canine friends, to express their unique and special personalities.

The result: Growlees collar charm collection, a range of thirty + playful charms designed to be worn by both dog and dog-parents alike.

The Growlees charms are cut from an engraving laminate, then raster engraved.
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