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Shotopop - Laser cut MDF

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Shotopop creative agency recently teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather in Düsseldorf to create an Alzheimers awareness campaign. The campaign also won a Silver Award at the 2012 European Design Awards in Helsinki!

The aim was to trace the memories of an Alzheimers patient. This was realised as a three-dimensional model of a brain:

“In this way we brought to life a person’s special moments: from birth to old age, and from personal moments to events which changed the world. Our 4 layers of brain features 95 individual memories, illustrated and laser-cut to form part of the story of a lifetime.”

Each illustrated brain panel was laser cut from 9mm MDF on our large format machine. Shotopop also made this clear video of the process from the laser cutting of the panels in our studio, to the installation in Düsseldorf.


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