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    Ideally we need vector files: .AI .DXF v2004 or .SVG with an indication of scale setup as follows. Or send what you can to show your idea. We can also quote for drawing work if required.

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    Your application

    Give us an idea of what you are making i.e is it an ‘appearance’ project or a prototype. It helps us to advise best on material choice and cost.

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    Materials & thicknesses

    What materials / thicknesses you would like to use and whether you want to use our supply or your own. If supplying an object to engrave, let us know what it’s made of and the dimensions.

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    Quantity you need

    We need to know the quantity you require from each file so we can quote accordingly. Costs vary depending on the volume of an order, so it’s important to convey this information.

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    Full contact details

    Your name, company name (if applicable) and most importantly your telephone number so we can get back to you for any questions we might have about your job.

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    Delivery or collection

    If you’re london based, you are welcome to collect like many of our clients. If not, let us know your full delivery address and most importantly your deadline!

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  • Materials & thicknesses (our supply or your own)
  • Quantity required from each file
  • Delivery or collection
  • Your deadline

Please make sure that your file meets our needs. We can rarely quote from a photo.

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Prices & Order information

  • How we quote and why

    • Quotes are calculated by estimating the scope of your job from the data you provide. This is a combination of estimating the laser time, material costs (if we are supplying) and any drawing / file amendment work we need to carry out, depending on what you send. It’s a how long is a piece of string scenario! We need specific details to form a quote.

    Ideally we need vector file(s) setup in the following format»

    Bear in mind that due to the nature of the quoting process it’s really difficult to quote from a verbal description, which includes a quick quote over the phone. If you don’t have vector files at this stage but want to get an idea of cost see our benchmark quote guide of what to send over».

  • Benchmark costs

    Laser processing time (Cutting & Engraving)
    £45.00 + vat – Minimum charge

    • From £1.00 per minute – depending on job type / machine
    • Discounted rate for larger production jobs

    Setup time
    • If files are setup correctly as per our guidelines no drawing charges apply
    • Jobs requiring additional handling – file development or complex cut management incur additional costs.

    Drawing service
    • Vector drawing service from £60.00 + vat

    • Material costs supplied with quotation
    • Sampling costs quoted on request

  • Turnaround times & Delivery

    Standard turnaround for most jobs:

    • 4-6 working days for collection
    • 3 working days for delivery
    We can sometimes work quicker, so it’s best to let us know your deadline.

    Rush jobs (within 24hrs) are also an option at a premium rate depending on the scale of work required. Let us know your deadline and we’ll quote accordingly.

    For larger scale / production jobs we can liaise on your deadline, we are designers too so understand the nature of last minute jobs. We always try to work to your need where possible.

    Delivery options and costs
    •  From £15.00 + vat – Next day UK courier delivery (up to 30 kilo’s)
    •  From £20.00 + vat – Same day London courier 
    • You can also arrange your own collection for delivery if preferred